The Abduction by Jonathan Holt

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The Abduction

The Abduction

When a young woman is abducted from a seedy sex club and subsequently tortured on the internet in front of millions, Kat Tapo, Holly Boland, and Daniele Barbo reunite in a race to find her before the torture ends in tragedy. The Abduction is the second installment of the Carnivia Trilogy. This book deals with themes of sexual abuse, torture, clashes between the US military and local forces abroad, and church corruption. If that sounds familiar, it is because it is. The story continues many of the same themes that began in The Abomination.

Daniele Barbo is surprisingly the most interesting and sympathetic character of the group. He’s also the only character who exhibits any real growth. Both Holly and Kat are stagnate in their struggles with the same issues they had in the first book.

While much of the book is well-written, the bad guy’s dialogue is shockingly bad. This was also true in The Abomination, but there wasn’t enough of it there to distract from the story. In this installment, there is a lot of bad-guy dialogue and it’s even worse than before–cliched and ridiculous.

The plot moves along quickly and this is a fast read, but there are a few breakthroughs that develop from coincidences in a subplot that just doesn’t ring true. The Abomination was richly plotted and the story grew in an organic matter, but The Abduction seems to take more than a few shortcuts.

The Abduction isn’t necessarily bad, but it feels like it is just a lazy version of The Abomination.

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The Abduction by Jonathan Holt
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