React Resources: A List for Beginning React Programmers

I’m currently learning React and needed a place to keep track of the various React Resources I am coming across. This is just a list of those resources. Mainly, it is for my own reference, but others make find it helpful, so I am publishing it here.

React Resources


These are courses that I have personally done.

Modern React with Redux – Udemy

This is an introductory class on both React and Redux. It starts out covering the basics of React and then dives into React with Redux. It’s a great introductory course, but it doesn’t get into much depth on component communication. I think it’s a good idea to do a couple of projects without Redux to get a better understanding of communication.

Advanced React and Redux – Udemy

At the time I am writing this, I am 50% of the way through this course. It covers more advanced topics, such as testing, higher order components, and authentication. It’s a good extension of the previous course.

Powering Up with React – Code School

A good course with coding challenges to reinforce what you’ve learned. Not as in depth as the Udemy courses, but a good introduction. Provides more understanding of component communication.


Official React Documentation

This is the official documentation from Facebook. It’s pretty in depth. If you are completely new to React, it will walk you through creating your first projects.

Redux Documentation

While not technically a React resource, the Redux documentation is fantastic if you plan on using that library in your React app.

Miscellaneous React Resources

These are blog posts and other things that I have found helpful along the way.

Modals in React

A Medium post by David Gilbertson that discusses techniques for creating modals in React, a task that is more challenging that it may seem at first.

Diagram of Lifecycle Methods

This diagram shows the flow of React lifecycle methods. It also shows where you can use setState.

All the Conditional Renderings in React

A blog post detailing the various ways to apply conditional rendering in React.


A really nice IDE that allows you to easily setup React projects bootstrapped with create-react-app. Available free for students.

React Live Templates for WebStorm

Live templates that make it easy to insert boilerplate code into your React projects in WebStorm

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